Truck Deck Series

Decks for Real Work

All Trailtech decks come pre-wired and ready for installation. The Trailtech Truck Deck comes standard with a tubing headache rack, complete with rear window protection and a recessed gooseneck hitch plate.

All truck decks are offered with wood decking, stake pockets with rub rails and rubber mounted and recessed lighting. The tubing mainframe and crossmembers are standard construction for all decks, and channel sills underneath allow the deck to mount to your cab and chassis easily.

These decks are sturdy, well built and able to turn your truck into a real work truck. 

Features MLC8634 MLC8634-8' MLC9034XL-8' MLC11034XL-8'
Length 8' 6" 8' 6" 9' 3" 11' 3"
Width 7' 6" 8' 8' 8'
Structural Tubing Construction Standard Standard Standard Standard
Formed Headache Rack 4" x 2" Tubing Standard 4" x 2" Tubing Standard 4" x 2" Tubing Standard 4" x 2" Tubing Standard
Main Frame Sills 5" Channel Iron Standard 5" Channel Iron Standard 5" Channel Iron Standard 5" Channel Iron Standard
Main Frame Sill Width 34" Standard 34" Standard 34" Standard 34" Standard
Recessed Gooseneck Hitch Plate c/w Hinged Cover Standard Standard Standard Standard
Rub Rail c/w Stake Pockets Standard Standard Standard Standard
Full Clearance Light Package LED Standard LED Standard LED Standard LED Standard
Mud Flaps c/w Sail Brackets Standard Standard Standard Standard
Curb Weight 1014 lb 1050 lb 1150 lb 1350 lb


Recessed Gooseneck Hitch Plate

Each Trailtech deck comes with a recessed gooseneck ball mount. Every plate has two gooseneck ball placements, and two locations to hook safety chains.

Headache Rack

All standard Trailtech truck decks come with a 4 inch X 2 inch formed headache rack as standard, proving both protection to the cab and the most usable deck possible.


The design of the rear bumper allows the rubber recessed lighting to be placed into structural tubing protecting all wiring and connection from the elements, giving the owner years of trouble free lighting.

Rub Rail and Stake Pockets

Every deck is built with a rub rail and stake pocket combination on each side. This rub rail acts as protection for the side when loading with equipment, or when using ramps. The stake pockets used are true DOT rated securement points for tying load down, and these same pockets can be used to accommodate picket sides.


Flip Over Fifth Wheel

Fold Down/Removable Sides