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TD210GNBT 24’, TD210PHBT 24, TD220PHBT 26’, TD220PHTILT 30’


The Industrial series trailers are engineered using the optimal steel frame to maximize strength, durability, and payload capacity. Each trailer features tandem axles, starting
at 10,000 lb. and ranging up to 20,000 lb. per axle. Electric brakes are standard on trailers with 10,000 lb. axles, while trailers with tandem 20,000 lb. axles are offered with a complete air braking system. Complying with Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, this system includes auto slack adjusters, spring brakes and an antilock braking system.

A leader in the industry, the Industrial series is known for its toughness and ability to handle your tracked loader, backhoe or whatever equipment your job site requires. Models are available with pintle, gooseneck or fifth-wheel hitches to match all of your needs.